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high speed doors

High Speed Doors

When you don’t want to wait for doors to open and close, our high speed doors fit the bill. Fast action doors enable energy and cost

Sectional Overhead Doors

Each sectional door can be customised with a range of control, glazing and colour options to meet your business’ individual requirements. Sectional doors are specified

industrial roller shutter doors

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Operated by a hand chain or electrical motor, our industrial roller shutter doors are manufactured from interlocking galvanised steel laths, held securely in place by

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

SDS supply and install a range of stylish, responsive insulated roller shutters for domestic, retail and industrial purposes. Including the Euroflex, Eurospeed and Euroglaze doors.

folding shutter door

Folding Shutter Doors

Similar to Roller Shutter Doors, each Sliding Folding Shutter is manufactured for a specific application and sizes range from the smallest doors for dumb waiters

steel door

Steel Doors

Hard-wearing, long-lasting and secure, our steel security doors can be used for almost any application. All of our steel doors are available in a range

automatic sliding door

Automatic Doors

Our range of automatic doors are designed to handle large amounts of foot traffic without compromising on safety or security. Automatic sliding doors create an

shopfront door


We’re able to create eye-catching shopfronts that reflect your business’ brand without compromising on security. SDS offer much more than just doors. By combining automatic,

Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

Our polycarbonate roller shutters offer in excess of 90% visibility, combining great looks with exceptional strength. With a huge variety of applications, our shutters are

Loading Bay Equipment

From dock seals to levellers and loading lights, SDS can supply and install everything you need. Loading Bay Dock Levellers Dock levellers have been designed

rising arm barriers

Traffic Barriers

Control the flow of traffic in and around your premises with our traffic barriers. Prevent queuing, and direct visitors and workers to the correct locations

Fire Resistance Doors

Don’t take risks with safety. If you’re concerned about fire, ask about our fire resistance doors. In a fire, seconds save lives. Secure Door Systems’

Fire Curtains

Control the spread of a fire with a fire curtain. Fire and smoke containment is of paramount importance in the construction and redevelopment of any

Rapid Fold High Speed Door

A fold up high speed door providing high performance for industrial applications. Commonly installed on large openings within the manufacturing, food pocessing and chemical industries,

Rapid Roll High Speed Door

The roll up high speed door has been tested in working conditions to over 1.5 million cycles. It is therefore suitable for intensive and continuous

Rapid Repair High Speed Door

The Rapid Repair high speed door benefits from self-repairing guides to prevent damage in the case of impact with the curtain. Should a vehicle come into

Dock Shelters

Dockright shelters and seals provide protection from the outside elements on the loading bay by helping to create an effective seal between the vehicle and

Telescopic Lip

The telescopic lip leveller is designed to achieve absolute accuracy when extending or retracting the lip plate. This means that the vehicles may be loaded

Hinge Lip Dock

The hinge lip dock leveller is designed so the platform, when activated, will rise to its’ highest position before the hinge lip swings out automatically.

High Security Doors

High quality security door sets, tested to PAS24 standards. Typical applications for this type of door Public facilities Entertainment complexes Shopping centres Filling stations Many

Fire Rated Steel Doors

Fire Rated Doors expand into their frame under heat, sealing off a room where a fire has broken out to prevent the spread of smoke

Steel Personnel Doors

For standard security applications, we offer the Steel Personnel Door, enabling you to secure an office, stockroom or residential build against forced entry. In addition

Fire Exit Steel Doors

We provide general-purpose steel fire doors for standard security fire exit applications. Our Fire Exit Doors are fitted as standard with a single-point panic bar,

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