Fire Rated Steel Doors

Fire Rated Steel Doors

Fire Rated Doors expand into their frame under heat, sealing off a room where a fire has broken out to prevent the spread of smoke and flames.

Fireproof doors play an important role in emergency fire procedures and can be installed to help your building comply with fire safety legislation. We offer these from FD30 doors and FD60 doors, up to FD360 doors. This means the door will perform as intended for up to 6 hours of fire protection. Fire resistant steel doors are best used internally to secure rooms where fire risk is high or to secure rooms containing combustibles or other contents susceptible to fire. Every fire rated steel door is custom made to suit existing structural openings. They are specifically to guarantee quality and long product life, so you can depend on it to secure your premises as intended. Fire doors are designed to resist fire and prevent the flames from getting to the rest of the building. When open, fire doors provide an escape route. 

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  • FIRE RATED FD30, FD360

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