Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

SDS supply and install a range of stylish, responsive insulated roller shutters for domestic, retail and industrial purposes.

Including the Euroflex, Eurospeed and Euroglaze doors. Combining modern design with traditional build quality, these insulated shutters can be customised to blend in with any architecture or store front.

DescriptionInsulated steel shutter with high speed inverter motor option
ApplicationsHigh security commercial sites requiring large aperture coverage
Security Level Medium
Fitting Internal face, external face, reveal
SlatDouble skinned polyester powder coated 95mm steel slat
GuidesGuide channel depth is 85mm as standard.
Max Width 7000mm (tubular) 10000mm (outboard)
Max Surface 20m² (tubular) 35m² (outboard)
CurtainGalvanised as standard. Powder coating and Plastisol laminated finishes available on request (surcharges apply).
CasingGalvanised as standard. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies).
GuidesGalvanised as standard. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies).
Electric Tubular Motor = NRG Econom tubular motor with internal rocker or external key switch as standard & safety brake as appropriate to comply with legislation. Manual override facility & crank handle as required (surcharge applies). Outboard Motor = GfA Safedrive & Ranger three phase motors with safety brake, chain manual override & TS959 push button control station as standard. Both tubular and outboard motors have numerous control option variants such as group, remote control or mobile phone activation. A high speed motor is available with a built-on frequency inverter, allowing for heavy duty usage up to 60 revolutions per minute.
Box & Guides
Guide Height (up to mm) Plate Size (mm)
2195355 (Tubular Motor)
3250400 (Tubular Motor)
4000450 (Tubular Motor)
3250400 (Outboard Motor)
4000450 (Outboard Motor)
5000500 (Outboard Motor)
6000550 (Outboard Motor)

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