Fire Resistance Doors

Product details

Description Fire-rated steel security shutter.
Applications Commercial, industrial, public.
Security Level High. Certified for fire resistance for 2 hours, according to Exova Warringtonfire Report Number 312853.
Fitting Internal face, external face, reveal fit.
Slat Single-skinned curved steel. Thickness of 0.9mm.
Casing Galvanised steel casing & end plates as standard. Larger shutters incorporate barrel support frame where required. Reveal fix installations are supplied with a fascia as standard.
Guides Galvanised steel.
Bottom Rail T’ shaped bottom rail.
Slat Face 76mm
Weight 12.5kg/m²
Max Width 7000mm to 12000mm (dependent on fire rating, motor and barrel support – larger sizes may be available on request)
Max Area 15m² to 50m² (dependent on fire rating, motor and barrel support – larger sizes may be available on request)
Guide Width 65mm (wind guide option available), 75mm, 100mm
U-Value N/A
Curtain Galvanised as standard. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour or to choose from a range of plastisol finishes.
Casing Galvanised as standard. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies).
Guides Galvanised as standard. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies).
Electric Tubular Motor = NRG Econom tubular motor with internal rocker or external key switch as standard & safety brake as appropriate to comply with legislation. Manual override facility & crank handle as required (surcharge applies).
Inline Motor = Single phase inline chain driven motor (three phase option available) with push button control, chain override, fusible link and solenoid release as standard.
All fire shutters can be connected to a fire alarm via an interface panel.
Guide Height (up to mm) Plate Size (mm)
2500 305
4000 355
6000 400

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Investing in any form of secure door system requires a relative outlay and prior to purchase it’s important to feel fully confident in the company you choose.

    We have compiled a list of some questions that are worthwhile asking when researching and requesting quotes.


    Do your secure doors meet the relevant UK health and safety standards?

    Whether buying power-assisted gates or doors, these MUST be fully compliant with UK law. It’s important to understand and even request evidence to prove that everything is above board. Once purchased, companies then become responsible for maintenance whilst ensuring the safety of use based on specific circumstances.


    Does your company have public liability insurance in place?

    This may seem like a question you’d never ask but it’s certainly an important one. Without insurance, should something go wrong during installation, the customer could be landed with a costly and unexpected bill. This seemingly bold question should never be a problem, especially to a business who’s covered.


    Do secure doors come with a warranty?

    Again, we’ll highlight the fact that secure doors are an investment. It’s important to know they are going to be under warranty, even if it’s only for a short time. When using a reputable company the topic of warranties will be discussed in the first instance. If not, don’t be afraid to ask or request paperwork.


    Do you provide support after purchase?

    The worst thing any company can do is vanish once the deal is done. Having mentioned health and safety above, it’s intrinsic to to understand that high levels of safety must continue. Again, a company with a decent reputation will discuss this initially whilst recommending maintenance services. Make sure you’re fully aware of your responsibilities as a company owner with regards to secure door systems.


    What times of the day can we get in touch?

    As not every company works the traditional 9am – 5pm shift pattern, you’ll need to be fully versed with applicable times to call, especially in the case of an emergency. Ideally, a secure door provider will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When this is the case, should you experience a breakdown, help will be on its way sooner resulting in less downtime and revenue loss.

    Aftercare & ongoing support

    SDS provides service packages to ensure longevity and legal compliancy.

    As well as prolonging the functionality and lifecycle of the equipment, it is essential that business managers and owners understand that failing to maintain the assets so they are safe in use could lead to a court penalty if there was an injury.