The Benefits of Commercial & Industrial Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains provide industrial and commercial companies with an added layer of security in the workplace. Today we are investigating just some of the benefits in a bid to help you decide, if they’re right for your premises.

Safety First

As we know, fire is dangerous, destructive and harmful. Alongside these obvious elements is smoke. A fire curtain has the ability to protect against this potentially fatal gas whilst protecting people and buildings. Created categorically to inhibit the flow of smoke between areas, individuals are given the time required to evacuate successfully and without the inhalation of smoke.

Health & Safety

As an employer, it’s your job to ensure your team, clients and visitors are adequately protected in the unfortunate event of a fire. Safety curtains go a long way in meeting the necessary Health & Safety Guidelines and relevant legislation.

In Case of an Emergency

Easily accessible in case of an emergency, this protective option can be installed in such a way that it overlaps with a surrounding wall. If and when required, the fire curtain can simply be pushed out of the way. This is the ideal option for populous areas and public buildings.


Whilst the issue of how a fire curtain looks should be far from our minds, at Secure Door Systems, we understand the importance. Our designs not only keep companies and buildings safe and secure, they look good too. Choose combining wall colour with the option  of a handy casing whereby fire curtains will drop if required.

Assess Your Situation

Whilst we don’t like to have to discuss disasters such as fires, it’s important to ensure everyone under one roof is protected effectively. What is your current fire safety process and do you have existing doors which could potentially be replaced by a curtain? If your building comprises a place whereby people need to be evacuated quickly who aren’t perhaps able bodied (such as a hospital), fire curtains are the perfect solution.

The Secure Doors Team are here to help keep your buildings and those within as safe and secure as possible. Could a fire curtain potentially benefit your company? We believe it will.

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