Secure Door Maintenance & the Benefits

The secure door system process doesn’t end upon purchase. Effective, regular maintenance is required to ensure optimum efficiency and of course, longevity of the product.

Let’s take a look at maintenance benefits;

Number 1: Ensuring secure door systems are in full working order means first and foremost they are safe for use. Having made the investment, it’s every company’s number one priority to ensure the reliability and safety of equipment for employees and pedestrians.

Number 2: As a company owner or when working in higher management you must comply with the relevant health and safety rules. The upkeep of secure doors makes sure that certification and proof of compliance is always up to date, thus keeping you legal. Owning the right certificate also takes point number one into consideration as companies are putting employee security first.

Number 3: As with absolutely anything purchased, if not correctly maintained, not only will it’s lifespan be less, things are more likely to go wrong. Strategic, regular checks allow engineers and technicians to highlight imminent problems and fix them before doors break down altogether. Companies experience a reduced number of emergency breakdowns in this case.

Number 4: When taking out the necessary and applicable maintenance with Secure Door Systems, we prioritise such clients in case of an emergency. When doors are looked after, emergencies are just that and not down to poor care.

Number 5: Alongside emergency callout priority the team at SDS provide discounted costs on recommended remedial repairs. We understand cost limitations within business and therefore want to help effectively where we can.

Number 6: Secure door systems will stand the test of time when cared for and well maintained. Over time, the cost saving benefits of this are potentially huge.

Number 7: Failing to maintain could lead to a court penalty should injury occur. As a provider we want to avoid this and as an employer, you certainly do!

How can we help?

At SDS we offer different maintenance packages based on specific needs. Each package not only keeps everything working properly, it keeps companies fully compliant. Our team is highly knowledgeable on automatic doors and the relevant European Standards. Holding exactly the right qualifications and certifications we understand the most recent industry standards, using these on a daily basis.

To discuss the best form of maintenance for your secure doors, speak to the experts at SDS today.

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