Discovering Industrial Doors

Let’s firstly pose the question;

What exactly is an industrial door?

Let’s put it this way, you wouldn’t have this type of door within a residential setting. Or would you….? We’ll return to this question shortly. In the meantime, ideal for industrial workplaces, these specific doors provide swift access to both warehouses and shop floors. Heavy duty in nature, they add further levels of security to companies.

Industrial Door Types

In order to meet the needs of individual companies, there are various options of industrial doors available. Roller shutters, roller shutters with insulation, Euroflex, Eurospeed and more. We’re going to investigate a few.

Roller Shutter Doors

Composed of numerous galvanised or perforated steel slats, roller shutter doors move up and down via a spring or electric motor. Industrial and commercial roller shutter specifications will differ so it’s important to understand these when researching and enquiring. Industrial for example includes control options such as buttons, key switch, radar, induction loop, car reader and even a remote control. Commercial on the other hand offers a key switch, internal paddle or the remote control advantage. Insulating this product helps in carbon footprint management by minimising energy waste.

Euroflex Shutters

With Euroflex, you can choose from over 1,000 colours. Not only do they look fantastic, a polyurethane foam core results in a reliable and extremely hard-wearing piece of kit. Select one of these should you wish to ‘move things up a notch!

Euroglaze Shutters

As the name suggests, this definitive choice combines bespoke glazed features. Highly energy efficient and perfect for domestic and commercial use, you have a choice of colours with the benefits of the Euroflex.

Wait; You mentioned domestic use?

We said we’d revisit the domestic elements of industrial doors and we NEVER disappoint. Over time and due to aesthetic advancements, roller shutter doors have grown in popularity domestically. Ideal as an alternative to the standard garage or entry door, they are certainly worth some consideration.

Folding Shutter Doors

The characteristics of folding shutter doors are applicable to industrial applications, predominantly warehouses, dockyards and railway stations. They’re hard wearing, wind resistant and as with each option discussed today, highly secure.

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